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Knee Brace
Knee Brace

Compression Nylon Sports Knee

Knee pads refer to a kind of protective gear used to protect people's knees. It has the functions of sports protection, cold protection, and joint maintenance.
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Adjustable Neoprene Hand Wrist

The hand wrist guard refers to a kind of protective equipment used to protect the wrist joint and the palm.
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Thank you for visiting Yangzhou Senyu Sports Goods Co., Ltd. Yangzhou Senyu Sport Products is a professional manufacturer of sports prodective products. Our company can produce many kinds of sports products, such as elbow pads, silicone knee pads, nylon knee pads, waist pads, ankle pads, back support and a series of body protection products.

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  • The role of wrist guard

    The role of wrist guard

    The role of the first is to provide pressure and reduce swelling; the second is to limit movement and allow the injur...

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  • The role of knee pads

    The role of knee pads

    KneeptersA kneepad is referred to as an object used to protect people’s knees. Has the role of sports protectio...

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